ALDCROFT, Brianne – Vice Principal
AST, Kat – Aboriginal Success Advisor
AYERS, Tanis – EA
BRIDE, Miriam – Teacher
BRYNJOLFSON, Krista – Principal
CIPP, Dave – Teacher
COMBS, Alisha – ELL Teacher
COOK, Pamela – Learning Support Teacher
DAVIES, Jill – Teacher
DE GRANDI, Emma – Teacher
DEJONG, Zach – Teacher
DERUITER, Allison – Aboriginal Success Advisor
DOLAN, Cheryl  – District Psychologist
EDMONDS, Helena – Aboriginal Support Worker
EVANS, Steve – Teacher
GARRETT-JONES, Michele – Clerical
HARGITT, Boyd – Teacher
JEAN, Nicole – Teacher
LATTIN, Lynne – Custodian
LEBLANC, Cherie – EA
MCLACHLAN, Sasha – Teacher
MCLAGAN, Scott -Tech
MCLEOD, Brenda – Clerical
MOCH, James – PSS Market Garden
PETRUZZELLIS, Jodie – Counsellor
QUAMME, Heather – Counsellor
SMITH, Tara – Teacher
TOMLINSON, Karen – Teacher Librarian
TREADWAY, Daryl – SBBA Teacher
WALDEN, Krista – Athletics Director/Teacher
WALKER, Amanda – EA
WEBB, Adrienne – Learning Support Teacher
WELLS, Chris – Aboriginal Support Worker
WILLIAMS, Joanna – Teacher
ZABLOTNEY, Renata – Teacher

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