PSS Course Info

NEW 2018-2019 Semester Two Courses

Ms. Aldcroft’s English 11 English 11 Course Outline
Mr. deJong’s Projects 10-12 Class Projects 10-12 course Outline
Ms. McLachlan’s English/English First Peoples 12 English/English First Peoples 12 Course Outline
Ms. Williams’ Exploratory Drama 8/9 Exploratory Drama Class 8/9 outline
Ms. Williams’ Physical & Health Education 8 Class Physical & Health Education 8 Outline
Ms. McIntosh’s Foundations of Math 11 Foundations of Math 11 Course Outline
Ms. McIntosh’s Cafeteria Training 11/12 Cafeteria Training 11/12 Course Outline
Mr. Evans’ Humanities 8 Humanities 8 Class Outline
Ms. Edmonds & Ms. Brynjolfson’s Ucwalmicwts Language & Culture Nt’akmen
Mr. Hargitt’s Outdoor Education Program 10 Outdoor Education Program 10
Madame Smith’s Core French 10-12 Class Core French 10-12 Syllabus
Ms. Tomlinson’s Chemistry 12 Class Chemistry 12 Course Outline
Ms. Walden’s Comparative Civilizations Class Comparative Civilizations Course Outline
Ms. Zablotney’s Media Studies & Fine Arts Class Media Studies & Fine Arts Course Outline
Mr. Treadway’s Ski, Snowboard & Bike Academy (SBBA) SBBA Course Outline

SBBA BCFN Course Outline

SBBA Media Studies Course Outline

SBBA Physical Education Course Outline