2019/20 PAC Executive will be decided this fall.

In the meantime,

Chair: Meredith Gardner

Vice Chair:

Treasurer: Marc Cousineau

Secretary: Nancy Lee

DPAC Rep: Nancy Lee

Directors at Large: Tanya Richman, Barb Turrin, and Sharon Day


2019-20 PAC Meetings will take place in the Library at 6:30pm on the following dates:

Tuesday, September 24th

Tuesday, October 22nd

Tuesday, November 26th

Tuesday, January 28th

Tuesday, February 25th

Tuesday, April 28th

Tuesday, May 26th


2018-19 Archives:

PSS School Improvement Plan 2018-19     PAC School Improvement Plan Presentation

Monday, September 24th – Agenda

Monday, October 29th – Minutes

Monday, November 26th – Agenda  Minutes

December – date TBD

Monday, January 28th Agenda  Minutes

February – Cannabis Presentation with Dr. Geoff McKee

Below are links to resources around cannabis provided by speaker Geoff McKee: 

SACY (Supporting and Connecting Youth) from the Vancouver School Board has some great resources for youth, parents, and teachers regarding cannabis:

iMinds from The Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research:

Monday, March 4th – Agenda  Minutes

Monday, April 29th – Agenda  Minutes

Monday, May 27th – Agenda  Minutes

For PAC information, please contact Lisa Shippit at or on Facebook at Pemberton Secondary PAC.


2017-18 Archives:

Monday, September 18th – Screenagers

Monday, October 23rd  Minutes

Monday, November 20th Agenda   Minutes

Monday, December 11th Agenda   Minutes

Monday, January 15th Agenda   Minutes

Tuesday, February 13th Agenda  Minutes

Monday, March 12th  Agenda  Minutes

Monday, April 9th Agenda

Monday, May 7th Minutes

Monday, June 11th Agenda  Minutes


2016-2017 Archives:

Monday, September 19th Agenda  Minutes

Tuesday, October 18th Agenda  Minutes

Wednesday, November 23rd Agenda Minutes

No December Meeting

Tuesday, January 17th Agenda  Minutes

Tuesday, February 21st Agenda Minutes

Monday, March 13th – No Meeting

Tuesday, April 18th Agenda

Monday, May 15th Minutes

Tuesday, June 20th Agenda


2015-2016 Archives:

September 21 Minutes

October 19 Agenda  Minutes

November 16 Agenda

January 20 Minutes

February 29 AGENDA  Minutes

April 20 Minutes


June 13 Minutes


2014-2015 Archives:

October 7 Agenda Minutes

November 19 Agenda Minutes

January 19 Agenda  Minutes

February 11 @ Blackwater Creek Elementary Agenda  Minutes

March 9  Agenda  Minutes

April 15 Agenda
May 11 Minutes
Monday, June 8, 6:30pm  Agenda


2013-2014 Archives

September 2013 PAC Agenda Minutes

October 2013 PAC Agenda Minutes

November 2013 PAC Agenda Minutes

January 2014 Agenda Minutes

February 2014 Agenda Minutes

April 2014 Agenda Minutes

May 2014 Agenda Minutes

Mental Health Link Click Here

Mental Health Resources Click Here

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