Code of Conduct

Pemberton Secondary School administers its activities through standards such as those established in the School Act ( ), the Sea-To-Sky School District Code of Conduct, and Pemberton Secondary’s Code of Conduct. This includes definitions of conduct that focus on the safety and academic integrity of the school and its activities. The primary objective of the Code of Conduct is to enable both staff and students to meet their needs in a way that not only works for them, but also respects the needs of others and addresses prohibited grounds of discrimination as set out in the B.C. Human Rights Code.

Pemberton Secondary School takes the position that staff and students have rights; and therefore responsibilities, towards decisions concerning their conduct as safe, reliable, and caring members of our school and communities.

Pemberton Secondary School defines standards of student conduct and makes provisions for student discipline with respect to conduct that jeopardizes the safe and caring order and functioning of the academic and non-academic programs and activities of the school.

The school’s Code of Conduct is a reflection of the policies and regulations incorporated in the Sea-to-Sky Board of Education Policy and Regulations Manual and the School Act.

PSS Student Code of Conduct

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